LFW: Layneau to present sleepwear for older women

Premium lingerie brand Layneau will make its Lingerie Fashion Week debut in New York this month with a collection of sleepwear for older women.

Oregon-based designer Kaaren Bedi will show her collection on a diverse range of models with all shapes and sizes and an age range of up to 60 years-old.

“Innocence, and for that matter youth, is highly over rated,” said Bedi. “

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“Being an adult comes with a bounty of pleasures not afforded the young and inexperienced. I want to celebrate adult pleasures. Mature, worldly pleasures like martinis (real ones, gin and vermouth as god intended), slow seduction- and skillful lovemaking, women of a certain age,” she added.

The designer has drawn inspiration from the illustrated fairytales of Hans Christian Anderson to create a range of floor length dressing gowns, dramatic velvet bed jackets, silk slips, chemises, robes, and oversized night shirts that “capture vulnerability and strength”.

Other brands set to appear at Lingerie Fashion Week for the first time include modern boudoir label Naked Princess, ethical brand Clare Bare and independent designer Sophi Reaptress.

The event will take place from February 20 to 22.




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