Lembrassa celebrates anniversary with 50% growth

Online lingerie and swimwear retailer Lembrassa had much to rejoice in the celebration of its second year of trading, as it announced an increase in turnover of 50% percent and a 100% increase in its number of registered customers on the previous annum.

Lembrassa, which launched in November 2008, has sold 4,500 products over the past year, which it attributes primarily to a re-branding and new site design being introduced in late 2009.

Lembrassa founder Laura Cohen said: “We are thrilled to have had such a successful second year of trading and that the Lembrassa site is established as a leading player in such a competitive market. Customer service has always been our first priority as well as offering our fuller busted ladies a range of gorgeous, supportive lingerie in a variety of styles and colours.”

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Lembrassa has customers across the UK, with the site’s top buying area being the South East. However, it also reportedly attracts large numbers of overseas buyers, with Australia, Denmark and France proving to be the most popular.

In 2011, Lembrassa will be expanding its collection of lingerie into areas such as wedding lingerie and sportswear.

Cohen added: “When you have the right fit and shape, the world is yours for the taking – and you know it. The effect that fabulous lingerie has on a woman cannot be underestimated and we are looking forward to introducing new ranges and styles in the coming year.”



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