Legwear International launches ‘Couture Fusion’

Legwear International is set to launch a brand new line of products at Moda, which is expected to ‘revolutionise’ the hosiery market for future generations.

The new line, called ‘Couture Fusion®,’ will embrace ladder protection technology to create tights so durable that they can be cut with a pair of scissors and still refrain from laddering.

Legwear International marketing manager Kirsten Taylor said: “It is a common scenario – you are already late for that important meeting when you ladder your tights and have no option but to either take them off entirely or to attend the meeting looking a little dishevelled.

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“Hot on the heels of previous fibre innovations, INVISTA has now released LYCRA® Fusion® fibre, a ladder free, long-lasting, super-comfy yarn that makes legwear immune to laddering. We have been working closely with INVISTA and we are lucky enough to use this new technology in our brand new line to be named Couture Fusion, which will put an end to such mishaps for good.”

The anti-ladder feature works through a bi-component technology that allows the threads on the outer layer of the fibre to ‘fuse’ to each other during the stockings’ thermofixation process, making it ‘super’ strong.

Taylor added: “Traditionally, durability and sheerness were two elements that did not sit hand in hand. The traditional ‘ladder resist tights’ were thick and certainly not sheer by nature. Products containing LYCRA® Fusion fibre are extremely soft to the touch, and do not lose their shape no matter how often you wear and wash them.”

Read more about Legwear International and its new product in the current issue of Lingerie Insight.



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