Leakage protection undies launch online

Dear Kate, a lingerie label designed to protect women from leakages, has launched its pre-orders online, which will be followed by availability in specialty boutiques across the U.S.

The debut collection includes products ranging from high-rises and cream bodysuits to pastel bikinis and basic hipsters.

Founder and chief executive Julie Sygiel said: “Lingerie may not always be seen by others but it sets the mood for your day. The risk of an oops moment shouldn’t mean we have to give up what we feel good in.”

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Within each Dear Kate panty is a lining that is designed to protect women against stains and spills with the ‘utmost discretion’.

Originally named Sexy Period, the patent-pending high-tech underwear was geared towards women who wanted extra backup during their period without having to compromise on style.

But when Sexy Period saw preteens, new moms experiencing incontinence, and athletes interested in the panties, it decided to rebrand the label.

It was known briefly as Underbrella, before a trademark issue delayed a re-launch this summer, and the Dear Kate name was selected.
Sygiel said: “Kate is that best friend in a crisis, the one who rushes to your side with chocolate.

“The women who wear our panties appreciate not only the innovation behind it, but also the community we’ve become and Dear Kate embraces that fully.”



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