LCF graduates launch TwoSocks website

British sock company TwoSocks has launched its ecommerce site this week, targeting style-conscious professionals with a diverse lifestyle.

Designed by graduates of the London College of Fashion, socks are available in a broad spectrum of colour combinations and styles – from stripes (both broad and narrow) and spirals to binary patterns and block coloured tops and toes.

The new site offers shoppers the option of selecting their sock based on pattern, thickness, colour or even by personality.

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Co-founder Harry Bayntun commented: “TwoSocks is a new sock-outfit specialising in high quality and colourful unisex socks. Inspired by a mouthful of potent words and inebriated on enthusiasm, our journey began on a warm autumn evening when the sun remained stubbornly suspended over London’s chaos."

“TwoSocks emerged as a way for us to create socks for our friends, designed by our friends, and this ethos – although extended to every customer – has not changed since. Everyone who owns our socks is an important member of the TwoSocks clan, and like all families – the bigger the better. The home-grown touch of TwoSocks is a valuable part of our company, but we are well aware that the best things in life should be shared.”

Each style carries its original name, such as Double Whammy, Team Captain, City Slicker, Big Shot and The Grint, named after Harry Potter’s friend.




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