Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen sells frillies to Chinese

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, who turned TV fame into an interior design and furnishings business empire, is turning his hand to lingerie design.

LLB, as he became known, was one of the UK’s best-loved stars in the late 1990s as he rode a wave of enthusiasm for home makeover shows that began with the BBC’s Changing Rooms series.

Combining his love of design and self-promotion, the celebrity could not turn down an offer to create a new television program where he is be filmed trying to build a lingerie business capable of exporting to China.

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The BBC 2 program, Cracking China, follows Llewelyn-Bowen as he tries to sell items from his glamorous lingerie business to the Chinese. The lingerie will be created and sold under the same name as The House of Laurence, which is predominately a soft furnishings company.

The show discovers how he intends to boost his home furnishings business by first getting Asian ladies hooked on his bras before steering them towards his other products and services.

An excerpt from the show sees LLB pushing the brand to department store buyers in China. "The House of Laurence will always have a power look," he tells them. "It will always be an expression of success. In the UK I am the kind of go-to designer for the luxury look,” he continues.

"My style lends itself to lingerie," he said when first approached to create a lingerie collection. "It’s frilly, feminine, opulent. It’s kind of rococo. But it was still a shock to be asked.”



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