Last few days for UK Lingerie Awards nominations

Time is running out to influence the judges who will decide the finalists and winners of the hugely prestigious UK Lingerie Awards.

Nominations close this week on Friday, July 1. The judges will review the nominations as they draw up a list of finalists within the next two weeks.

Winners will be chosen in August in a second round of judging, and will be announced at the glamorous UK Lingerie Awards on September 7th.

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In the three weeks since the UK Lingerie Awards web site has gone live, over 9,000 people have visited the site, 1200 have registered to vote, and they have submitted almost 6000 nominations across the 20 categories.

“The excitement has exceeded even our most optimistic expectations,” says Kat Slowe, editor of Lingerie Insight, which is organising the UK Lingerie Awards. “Everybody is talking, tweeting and drumming up support for their brands. It demonstrates to us just how vital it is for the intimate apparel industry to have an awards event of this scale,” she adds.

Several lingerie brands and retailers have launched their own marketing campaigns to encourage their fans to nominate them for an award. “Companies recognise that winning one of these awards is going to be incredible for their business, so they are pulling out all the stops to influence the nominations process,” suggests Andy Martyniuk, commercial manager for the UK Lingerie Awards and Lingerie Insight.

With nominations closing on Friday, there is still time to vote for your favourite brands, retailers and individuals. Click here to nominate.




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