Lascana Develops 3D Printed Bra for Eurasia Market

Lascana have developed a 3D printed bra to show potential of technology and circumvent a Eurasian law preventing the production of import of synthetic lace products.

The company worked with Russian designer Victoria Anoka to develop the bra in tandem witjh Moscow-based 3D Printing company 3DPrintus. The design features shells and pearls in 100% nylon, and after an rigorous four-month testing period was debuted at Geek Picnic, an annual science and technology fair in St. Petersburg. Anoka’s designs will be available on Lascana’s website from November.

The underwear was devised partly in response to a July directive from the governing body of the Eurasian Union (a coalition of former Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia), which banned the import, production and sale of synthetic lace underwear.

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Managing director of Lascana, Ksenia Shilkina, said: “We are opening the future through the use of promising technology like 3-D printing. It’s amazing, and we were the first in Russia to demonstrate that you can ‘print’ underwear with a printer.”



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