Lara Bingle accused of copying US swimwear brand

US swimwear designer Lisa Marie Fernandez has publically accused Lara Bingle and two other Australian fashion houses of copying her designs.

Fernandez, whose swimsuits have been worn by Bingle and Rihanna, will this week write to Cotton On Clothing (which features Bingle’s designs), Triangl and N.L.P to accuse them of copying her product, reports the Daily Telegraph.

“Many of these people … have been shamelessly copying our product,” she said in an interview with the newspaper.

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“Lara Bingle is a wonderful girl … she began wearing our collection then we became social media friends then finally got to meet and we had dinner in London. It was there she proudly showed me her designs with Cotton On … it was authentic, but it was nothing like what came out after,” she added.

Fernandez believes Bingle, who models her collection for Cotton On Body, copied her black zip-up swimsuit, which retails for $330. Meanwhile, Bingle’s black swimsuit design retails for about $29.

The designer said she felt betrayed after having discussed collaborating with Bingle.




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