Lands’ End survey reveals swimwear preference

Clothing company Lands’ End has released the results of a survey determining what women want in a bathing suit.

Conducted in the United States, the study found slimming effects and availability of styles ranked amongst the most important aspects of a swimsuit for women. Of those polled, 89% stated that they are at their most exposed in public when wearing a swimsuit, and 98% considered good fit essential.

The study revealed only 20% of women are concerned about the opinions of others when wearing a swimsuit. Nonetheless, 78% of respondents said they want a bathing suit that flattens the stomach, whilst 49% want a bust-enhancing suit.

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Results from the poll also showed 66% of participants plan to buy a new swimsuit in 2013 for multiple reasons, including body changes, upcoming holidays and a simple desire for a new style.



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