Kris Hallenga steps down as CoppaFeel! CEO to pursue new adventures

Kris Hallenga will step down from her role as CEO of breast cancer awareness charity, CoppaFeel!, before the end of the year.

Hallenga, who launched the charity in 2009, just one month after she was diagnosed with breast cancer, said her decision was not health related and is looking forward to pursuing new adventures.

“I know what you are thinking, that my health is getting worse and that’s why I have decided to step down, but I am happy to say that is not actually the case. Of course my health plays a role in this decision, but right now I am feeling better than ever – and let’s be honest, I have been pretty “unwell” for almost eight years but that hardly stopped me,” she said in a moving blog post on the CoppaFeel! website.

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“I knew I would give this charity all I had until the end of my days, and I still am, just not in a leader capacity. Being the proactive person that I am I have always wanted some kind of succession plan (in the board room we coined it “Going to the Maldives”) before I got too poorly. It’s so much nicer and easier making hard decisions when you are well, I’d hate to be writing this if I wasn’t. I have heaps more life and energy in me (as does CoppaFeel!), and it’s time to use it up on not just the charity, but other adventures too.”

Hallenga, who will now become an ambassador for CoppaFeel! on a part-time basis, said another reason behind her decision to step down is to allow the charity to thrive.

“Founder’s Syndrome is real, people, and I can see how a founder can prevent a charity from breathing and growing, I really can. I would like to think I have not ever hindered it’s growth and progress thus far, but I also want to ensure I never will,” she said.

“This charity is not about me, it hasn’t been about me for a long time now, and that makes me prouder than anything I have ever achieved in my life. It’s time for new energy, new professionalism and even more boob love. I want what’s best for this charity, and that is no longer me leading it.”

A new CEO, who is yet to be named, will step into Hallenga’s shoes, in the coming months.

CoppaFeel! works with a number of lingerie brands in raising awareness around the symptoms of breast cancer, through the BraHijack campaign.

It has also partnered with the Bust Trust, a new organisation, which is working to bring the lingerie industry together in supporting charities and firms that are focused on the education of breast health and wellbeing.



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