Knix Wear launches limited edition bras for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Left to right: The faces of the FivebyFive campaign – Munira, Lindsay, Anne, Judith and Anita.

Activewear brand Knix Wear has launched a limited edition collection in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The Canadian company, which broke crowdfunding records with its 8-in-1 bra earlier this year, has created five new designs named after five breast cancer patients, as part of its FivebyFive campaign.

Each design features a specific word, chosen by each of the women, which sums up their experience of going through cancer treatment.

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The words are strength, transform, heart, victory and resilience.

Throughout October, 50% of the sales from the limited edition designs will be donated to fund breast cancer education, research and prevention.

As a Toronto-based company, the team also plans to use the proceeds to help North York General Hospital’s BMO Breast Diagnostic Centre purchase a new breast biopsy table.

Knix Wear aims to raise $100,000 throughout the month-long campaign.

“As a company dedicated to creating garments for women that focus on empowerment and positivity, we are thrilled to share the stories of these five strong, incredible patients,” said Joanna Griffiths, chief ‘Knixpert’ at Knix Wear.

“Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a very important cause to our team and many of our customers. After we launched the Evolution Bra we heard from women that the bra is a perfect fit for people who have had breast-related surgeries, such as mastectomies, because of the lack of underwire. We could not be more thrilled to support this cause and introduce five new designs that not only embody the spirt of the patients, but encourages all women to feel comfortable in their own skin.”

Knix Wear had more than 200 women who had experienced some form of breast-related surgery try on the bra to perfect its fit while designing the limited edition product. Five women were selected, between the ages of 30 and 60, as the faces of the FivebyFive campaign.

“In addition to the bras, an important component of our campaign is sharing the unfiltered stories of each of the breast cancer patients who helped design the bras. We hope to inspire more women across the world to share their journey; five women, five words five limited edition bras in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” added Griffiths.



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