KnickerBockers says pants to poverty

Award winning Gloucestershire lingerie boutique KnickerBockers has chosen to help a group of college students win a national underwear design competition.

The four girls, aged 19, all attending Gloucestershire College, have chosen a ‘keep calm and be British’ slogan with a teapot motif for their intimate product entry.

The competition was launched by Ben Ramsden, a young British entrepreneur who owns a company called Pants to Poverty.

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Pants to Poverty makes and sells fair trade organic pants from an area of India that reportedly had a suicide count of seven a day before the company began to support the local farmers.

Graphic designers Alex Elmer-Menage, Rachel Pedrette, Hannah Sweet and Vicky Davies have printed 500 pairs and have to sell as many as possible by the June 10 to be in with a chance of winning.

The quartet were selling them via social networking sites when boutique owner Verity Symcox saw the story.

Symcox has now put this unique pants product in her Nailsworth shop, KnickerBockers, on Fountain Street.

Design student Vicky Davies said: “Our team were lucky enough to win the first round of the competition with our ‘keep calm and be British’ themed pants and now have a whopping 500 pairs of our pants to sell, so we thank Verity for her help.”

Symcox added: “We have to sell as many pants as possible by the first of June so we are asking the people of Nailsworth and Gloucestershire to do their bit. We want to do all we can for the girls and the charity. It is a fabulous idea to get college students involved and learning about the issues facing the modern retail world today.”



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