Kiss Me Deadly launch social media app

Retro-inspired lingerie label Kiss Me Deadly have created a new social media app to rate the popularity of its new collection designs.

Eight of the new collection styles have been uploaded online on a hot-or-not microsite, which ranks the products in order of their popularity using an innovative preference system. The app will help determine which of the styles the brand will invest in more of and which two will be taken out of the collection.

Voting has been encouraged by spreading the link around the brand’s fanbase via their mailing list, website and social media accounts, and so far over 18,000 votes have been cast.

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The experiment has been so successful for Kiss Me Deadly that they intend to refine the technique and use it for all future collections.

Wholesale customers interested in these products need to place their order by Monday the 4th March to guarantee production.

The microsite can be found at



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