Kiss Me Deadly enlists fans to find new stockists

Independent lingerie brand Kiss Me Deadly has enlisted its fan base to introduce new retailers to its new wholesale programme, the Deadly Addict scheme.

The scheme allows retailers to increase their margins by gaining a 50% discount off a bulk buy package for the new season.

Any consumer who introduces a new retailer to the programme will be offered the chance to name a new lingerie garment and will receive a £100 voucher to spend on Kiss Me Deadly products.

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Commenting on the initiative in a blog, Kiss Me Deadly designer Catherine Clavering said: “We know from our years and years of sales data that the retailers that drive growth – ours and theirs – are the ones who take a selection of the sought after limited editions through the year. We also know that retailers love a great margin. So we launched a package that gives them both.”

There are two deals under the Deadly Addict scheme. Under the ‘Super Annual Deal’, £10,000 buys retailers £15,000 worth of stock, excluding tax.

Under the ’12 Part Deal’ a monthly payment of £10,000 buys retailers £15,000 worth of stock, excluding tax.

A minimum payment of £100 is required for sample orders and top-ups.




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