Kim Kardashian spotted in Aguaclara swimsuit

Retailers for luxury swimwear brand Aguaclara will receive a boost this week as pictures of Kim Kardashian wearing a swimsuit from the Peruvian brand circle the digital world.

The pictures, featuring the US socialite on the beach wearing a revealing leopard skin designed one-piece, have already appeared on fashion blog sites including fadedyouthblog.

The Kardashian sisters are hugely influential over the US swimwear industry, and have their own line created for the Beach Bunny label.

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Aguaclara is a fashion-led brand that is manufactured in Peru, and features a heavy South American influence in its designs.

Aguaclara UK has been working with the brand’s parent company, Applauzi, for the past seven years to establish it in the UK and Europe. The brand is distributed in the UK by Elite Swim Ltd. Additional agents are being sought in several European countries.



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