Kayser tweet sparks web outrage

Lingerie brand Kayser has hit headlines after publishing a tweet that said women "should know what to expect" when they are asked on a date, sparking outrage in the social media community.

Yesterday morning, Kayser tweeted to their 1,154-strong following: "If a guy invites you over to watch a movie, you should know what they’re expecting."

The tweet was instantly met with a flurry of hostile responses from the Twittersphere, and has been slammed for blaming rape victims since the tweet went viral on the web.

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Twitter user @JointDestroyer wrote: "I will not stand for sexism and misogyny from the #Kaysermaleinsider! Not now, not ever."

The Australian writer, Helen Razer, who has amassed more than 11,000 followers tweeted: "I will never again purchase your garments. And baby, I go through hosiery like there’s no tomorrow."

Kayser’s social media is run by an external company, which has not been named. When approached by News.com.au, the social media manager explained that the tweet, which was posted by a male intern, was meant to be "tongue in cheek".

As to how else the tweet could be interpreted, the media manager explained that they thought it meant "if a guy invites you over to watch a movie it just means that he likes you".

The tweet, which has been removed, was followed by an apology which contained the hashtag "#honestmistake".

Today, Kayser issued an apology on their official blog, with the lingerie brand promising to make a "significant donation" to the White Ribbon charity, which aims to end violence against men and women.

"The tweet appeared to suggest that women are responsible for whatever happens if they are invited to a man’s house to watch a movie. While this was definitely not our intention, it’s a huge mistake on our part that the tweet was posted. We’re genuinely sorry that due diligence was not in place to prevent this from being posted, and we certainly see why it would have upset our community," the blog said.

"As soon as we saw the tweet, we realised that it was inappropriate, was likely to be misinterpreted and would cause offence. We understand that not having the foresight to understand all possible interpretations of the tweet was a major issue, and have put in place steps to ensure that we do not make such a mistake again."

Since the apology was issued, a number of people have commented on the post praising the company for their response in taking responsibility for the tweet, noting that this move was good PR.




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