Kayla Collins secures Celebrity Chest in monokini

Kayla Collins managed to get a monokini from her new swimwear line Sweet in front of the ITV cameras yesterday, as she wore it on a task in the ‘I’m a Celebrity Jungle.’

The Playboy model worked with comedienne Jenny Eclaire to secure the Celebrity Chest, which involved pumping open the jaws of a fake crocodile, entering ‘stinking’ water and unscrewing its teeth to place inside a large key. Once the pair secured enough teeth, a smaller key was revealed which unlocked the chest.

Eclair refused to wear just swimwear for the challenge. She said: "I’m not taking my shorts off when I’m standing next to a 22 or 23-year-old glamour model; I’m not mad!"

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The two reality show contestants chose to carry the crocodile teeth through the water in the tops of their bathing suits.

Eclair later added: "Well that’s lovely for me isn’t it? Wearing a swimming costume next to Kayla, I’ve got a massive rash rampaging all up my neck and shoulders, I’ve got cellulite riddling all up the backs of my legs and I’m going to be standing next to Kayla in a swimming costume. I haven’t shaved my downstairs."



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