Kate Moss wears OvH on mischievous holiday

Kate Moss may have been up to mischief last week, but she still managed to look cool whilst wearing luxury nightwear from Olivia von Halle on holiday in Turkey.

On Sunday, Sadie Frost uploaded a photograph of her friend wearing the Lila Nika black and white striped pyjamas to Instagram.

Later that day, Moss was escorted from an Easyjet flight at Luton Airport for being ‘disruptive on board’.

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Referring to the controversy, designer Olivia von Halle tweeted: “#KateMoss; impossibly cool, even when misbehaving. Get in touch to pre-order your new season Lila Nika now.”

Moss previously wore the Lila Nika pyjamas for a shoot in Vogue in November 2014.



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