Kangaroo carries out lingerie theft

A kangaroo, two years old, has been apprehended by police in Prague after he was discovered stealing lingerie from women’s clotheslines.

Benji was caught red handed when a woman looked out of her window to witness him hopping off with her underwear.

Police were aware that the kangaroo had gone missing from the home of owner Petr Hlabovi. However, despite multiple reports from residents over clothesline thefts, they did not connect the two incidents until they received the latest victim’s account.

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A police spokesman explained: “We had a call from Benji’s owner saying his pet kangaroo had escaped. At the same time we started getting reports of a number of thefts from washing lines.

“We didn’t think they could possibly be related until he was caught red-handed.”

Owner Hlabovic, 35, added: “I’m very relieved to have him back. I’ve got no idea what he thought he was up to – he certainly didn’t pick up the habit from me.”



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