Julie France introduces Preferred Retailer Program

Shapewear brand Julie France is introducing a programme to protect retailers from being eliminated from the market by labels who sell lingerie directly to consumers.

The Preferred Retailer Program ensures that any orders placed on the Julie France website by the end-customer are automatically rerouted to the nearest ‘Preferred Retailer’, which will keep 100% of the profits.

The decision to implement the initiative came after Julie France Body Shapers found from a survey that 95% of retailers believe it’s important that brands they choose to carry do not sell to consumers.

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Another 75% of participants said that they feel there are ethical implications involved when manufacturers sell to the public.

“By not selling directly to consumers and utilizing a unique Preferred Retailer Program, Julie France Body Shapers is giving business back to retailers, protecting them from market elimination,” Julie France said in a statement.





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