Jonathan Aston calls out to potential distributors

The Melas Group is seeking new distributors for hosiery brand Jonathan Aston in an attempt to expand the label’s international presence.

The brand is currently sold in Australia, Japan, Singapore and France, but the company has announced plans to pursue further expansion within countries that possess an ‘affinity with a British look.’

Melas Group managing director John Roskalns said: “I have got to try and find the right avenues to get to the right people.

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“We need to pick off half a dozen markets and really go for them…There is nothing stopping us from doing now. It is just finding the right partners to do it with.”

If you are a distributor outside of the UK, who is interested in obtaining more information, e-mail John Roskalns at:

Read more about the Melas Group’s plans to develop the Jonathan Aston hosiery brand in the June issue of Lingerie Insight.



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