John Lewis unveils male underwear buying trends

Men’s choice in underwear, from Y-fronts to long johns, could be influenced by where they live, according to new data from John Lewis.

The second annual John Lewis Retail Report, a detailed review of Britain’s shopping habits over the past year, has uncovered regional differences in underwear preferences.

The UK underwear map reveals that while men in the Midlands keep it brief with tighty-whities, men in the capital like it warmer down south, with long johns proving most popular in London. In fact, sales of long johns outperformed other regions 14% in London.

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Less is more in Norwich, with Y-fronts the pants of choice, while in the South East, men are in the pink, with pink socks proving popular – sales are 11% higher compared to the rest of Britain.

Heading North West, men prefer posh pants: Armani trunks are a best-seller, with sales up seven per cent compared to anywhere else in Britain.

Meanwhile, in Scotland, men are drawn to bold colours, with bright jersey trunks a bestseller. In Glasgow; men’s vests are 5% more popular there compared to other regions.

John Lewis head of Menswear Nick Keyte said: “Understanding regional trends is a really important part of our job. While comfort is key to men’s shopping behaviour when it comes to clothing, a continued trend to experiment with colour and prints has been reflected in our shoppers’ underwear choices.

“The modern man wants to express his personality throughout his wardrobe,” he added.



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