Jockey upgrades a worldwide best-seller

International intimate apparel brand Jockey has unveiled an updated version of a worldwide best-seller featuring an innovation in textiles.

Working in collaboration with 3D-Innovations, the brand produced a new generation of microfiver waistbands for its mens’ briefs.

A spokesperson for the brand said: “Why not make tiny upgrades here and there to a waistband when we know it could be just a little bit more… well, excellent?With 3D-Innovations, we’ve kept what works-the same soft, adaptable eight-way stretch fabric, for the same perfect fit, the same popular silhouettes, while upgrading to a stylish next generation microfiber waistband.

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“We’ve learnt, over time, that careful and precise refinement doesn’t have to mean reinventing ourselves every season. We innovate smartly in order to balance the expected with the unexpected.”

The updated offering of mens’ briefs can be found on the Jockey website and retail upwards from £18.



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