Jockey brings 3D innovations to the high street

Jockey is bringing its 3D Innovations to the UK high street, this Spring, as it showcases its latest ad campaign on the streets of Britain.

The stand-alone advertisement will be positioned in selected key shopping destinations across the UK, driving consumer awareness towards Jockey’s latest collection with 3D patented technology, available in Debenhams stores nationwide.

Jockey’s 3D-Innovations 8-Way stretch range is designed to offer freedom of movement, comfort and ease of movement throughout the day.

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It uses an innovative leg binding and stitching technique, cutting on the bias, which is a 1930’s couture pattern technology created to give two way stretch.

This is followed through with the fabric, a cotton/spandex, which cut across the grain to give four way stretch. The two halves are then twisted and joined with a seam to give the ‘unique’ eight way stretch.

Jockey Underwear brand manager Ruth Stevens said: “The new range of 3D Innovations has been given a new modern twist with the black waistband whilst we have kept the logo the signature 3D red shade to resonate with consumers.

“The 3D Innovations range is still one of our most popular collections, using Jockey’s advanced technology to offer extreme comfort for consumers, designed to fit the male body perfectly.”

Jockey’s 3D innovations range is available from Debenhams in briefs, trunks, a t-shirt and a long sleeved shirt from an RRP of £13.



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