JML retails charity bra for Breast Cancer Care

Home shopping company JML has teamed up with Breast Cancer Care to launch the Belvia Luxe Bra.

The Belvia Bra, a seamless sports bra designed for comfort, has sold 8 million units in the UK since its launch in March 2012, and from February 1 this year, JML will offer the Belvia Luxe Bra in hot pink.

For every £14.99 bra sold at, £1 will be donated to Breast Cancer Care.

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The Belvia Luxe Bra has a patented ‘X-Support System’ that is knitted seamlessely into the fabric to provide lift and support without discomfort.

It uses breathable fabric, which is designed to mould to the wearer’s body.

JML sales director Rob Falconer said: “I’m thrilled that we are supporting Breast Cancer Care’s Buy It With Love campaign. It is a great cause and help to the 55,000 people affected by breast cancer every year.”




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