Online retailer JD Williams has seen a double-figure uplift in conversion rates after adopting new software from marketing technology provider Monetate.

Using Monetate, the retailer was able to build and implement a mobile experience which generated a rise of 18% in new visitor conversion within the space of two weeks.

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It also saw an overall conversion uplift of 8%, a revenue per session uplift of 12%, an average order value increase of 5% and a 4% rise in the average basket value.

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JD Williams had previously been using an optimisation solution, but with diminishing returns from optimisation alone, the retailer realised that it needed to adopt personalisation to improve customer engagement and conversion.

Monetate’s platform enabled the ecommerce team to start creating personalised experiences targeting segments of their audiences at scale and without reliance on third parties.

Additionally, with JD Williams in the process of moving onto the Hybris ecommerce platform, Monetate gave the business agility to trade and merchandise the site while IT resources were engaged in the re-platforming process.

Finn Christo, conversion rate optimisation manager at N Brown Group, JD Williams’ parent company, said: “The personalisation platform has enabled us to get started in a really quick an easy way. We have been impressed with the business impact that Monetate has had in such a short time and are looking forward to the next stages of the project.”

Having used Monetate for almost a year JD Williams said has seen a change in culture as it has bought departments together, enabling the business to become more agile.

Christo continued “The level of excitement in the business is inspiring. We have full support from the executive team who understand that by moving the needle by just a tiny fraction the ROI is huge. Monetate lets us move that needle.”

The next steps on the path to personalisation are for the business to integrate its CRM data, containing large amounts of customer information into the Monetate platform, giving it scope for deeper levels of personalisation.

Ann Steer, director of Marketing at JD Williams’ parent company, N. Brown Group, commented: “Personalisation and the ability to deliver, individual relevant experiences are the single most important thing that will help us deliver business success.”