Jacqueline Gold calls for marketing refocus

Ann Summers chief executive Jacqueline Gold spoke at Retail Week Live, where she challenged retailers to refocus their marketing efforts.

Gold spoke at the conference about the positive effects that Fifty Shades of Grey had on her business, telling delegates: “One action to take from Fifty Shades is to review brand communications. We’re bored of austerity, give us something exciting.”

Speaking about how Ann Summers capitalised on the popularity of the bestselling book, she said: “The fact that we could turn it around so quickly was down to the structure and the culture of our business. We don’t have lots of red tape in our business, we have lots of pink bondage tape for our customers.

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“We don’t have teams within the business competing with each other. We have one unified buying and marketing team. We also only incentivise on our overall financial success so there are no conflicts of interest if we have to pull something from one product category to take advantage of a bigger opportunity in another.”

Gold also urged retailers to refocus their efforts on building up social media platforms, explaining how it is a great way to gauge consumer trends and engage with customers to find out what they want.



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