INVISTA to simplify Lycra brand portfolio

INVISTA is in the process of re-positioning its Lycra brand to create a simpler product portfolio that consumers can more easily understand, the company announced at Interfilière, Paris over the weekend.

As part of the long-term strategy, Lycra, which currently has 30 sub brands, will be segmented into four consumer brands – LYCRA for comfort, freedom and movement; LYCRA BEAUTY for control and shaping; LYCRA SPORT for physical/sport; LYCRA XTRA LIFE for garment resilience/durability; and LYCRA ENERGIZE for wellbeing/wellness.

The company will also upgrade its hangtags to a more contemporary style and run consumer-focused campaigns to connect with its customers.

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The theme of the brand position is LYCRA MOVES YOU, which reflects the “promise of freedom of movement, and the call to move creatively in developing new innovative products,” said INVISTA EMEA marketing segment manager Claire O’Neill.

“And of course, ‘MOVES YOU’ reinforces the emotional connection consumers have told us they feel towards the brand,” she added.

Speaking to Lingerie Insight at Interfiliere, INVISTA Apparel marketing account director Simon Whitmarsh-Knight said: "We are in a very good position as an ingredient brand in that most people know the Lycra brand – it’s in there somewhere – but people don’t really know what it is.”

“So the reposition is really about having as simpler brand and something that has a stronger, emotional connection with the consumer, because we are in the mind, we just want to have a stronger link.”



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