INVISTA tests its XTRA LIFE LYCRA to extremes

INVISTA is set to reveal new consumer insights and scientific findings regarding swimwear at this year’s Mode City, but has also revealed the findings of extreme tests of its XTRA LIFE LYCRA.

The company says its “exciting revelations [will] offer new perspectives on real consumer behaviours around the world, as well as consumer priorities when shopping for swimwear”.

The findings should also help brands arm themselves against consumer disappointment and build a loyal consumer base.

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After releasing findings of consumer swimwear buying habits in May, which revealed that  only 53 percent of women wash their suits after use, and almost 40 percent wait to wash or rinse their suits until after they’ve dried, on the same day or later, the company decided to test the tolerance of its XTRA LIFE LYCRA .

The tests have been based on the fact that sunscreen combined with pool water causes accelerated damage. In the test fabrics with XTRA LIFE LYCRA fibre were tested against comparable chlorine-resistant fabrics.

The swimwear was exposed to sunscreen and placed in pool water for 10 days and examined for fibre breakage. After 240 hours of exposure, XTRA LIFE LYCRA® fibre showed no breakage, while comparison swimwear showed significant breakage.

Two further tests, one stimulating the life-cycle of a swimsuit, exposing it to pool water, stretching on a tensile tester and re-examined again and in a second where the suits were tested in a hot car boot after being exposed to chlorine and sunscreen, the suits XTRA LIFE LYCRA® fibre excelled in comparison with other fabrics that showed significant damage under the same conditions.




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