INVISTA releases ‘must-have’ lingerie and swimwear fashion directions

INVISTA has presented its 2017-2018 global intimate apparel, swimwear and athleisure trends and fashion directions in the form of a Lycra collection which gives form to the forecast.

The company’s trend forecasting agency, Stijlinstituut Amsterdam, predicted the must-have trends for 2017/18, which were then used to design a collection of Lycra intimate apparel and swimwear.

INVISTA is one of the world’s largest integrated producers of fibres and polymers and owns the LYCRA brand.

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Claire O’Neill, intimate apparel and swimwear marketing segment manager at INVISTA, said: “INVISTA presents a great variety of trends for intimate apparel and swimwear because wearers come in vast numbers, each one with their own lifestyle and multifaceted personality, adapting to constantly changing environments.”

She added: “It is the versatility of the Invista fibre portfolio that enables and facilitates these dynamics by offering flexible and performing wardrobes to suit every woman and her various ‘me’s’. The addition of the athleisure platform reflects an exciting opportunity for intimates and bodywear brands to expand their business.”

The company claims that its fashion directions have become a recognised source of inspiration underpinned by sound technical innovation, creating value for brands and retailers with valuable trend insights, innovation and new business opportunities.

Four trends highlight the rise in health, fitness and mindfulness as a lifestyle with the motto ‘I am every woman’. They include: Optimised self; Flawless me; Most feminine me; The rebel in me. The three swimwear trends given are: My wild side; Better me; Playfulself.



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