INVISTA presents the AW13 hosiery trends

Simple, iconic and retro styles take centre stage in INVISTA’s new concept collection, presented by the company to showcase the new 2013-2014 trends for legwear made with LYCRA® fibre.

INVISTA, a leading global producer of fibres and polymers, has released its Legwear Innovation trends collection for 2013-2014.

The company’s legwear experts predict that in 2013-2014, consumers will aspire to achieve a well-balanced look with both colour harmonies and expressive contrasts, taking a view toward the calm, simple and iconic. They claim that retro looks will also be in high demand, with modernity more evident in performance and touch than in pattern or shape.

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INVISTA’s 2013-2014 collection of trends draws inspiration from the likes of Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Diane von Furstenberg and Donna Karan. These looks have been captured in eight key trends: Illusionist, Eye Candy, Baroque Splendour, Shaded View, Rock Chic, Cut & Paste and Clear Cut.


The Illusionist presents flattering optical effects such as twisted lace, alternate ribs and optical dots that elongate and slim the legs.

Black will be the first choice for shaper garments, but deep brown, beige, burnt orange, and deep green will also feature.

INVISTA foresees a continuation of the coated aspect, the satin sheen polished leather and liquid latex looks.

Eye candy

Legwear in sweet icy pastels of pale blues, greens and pinks will be of major importance for the summer 2013 season.

This style exudes femininity, romance and nostalgia with undulating lacy flowers and catchy tromp l’oeil hold-ups in extra matte powdered surfaces that add to the cosmetic appeal of the garments.

Baroque Splendour

Trending toward the super-luxe and opulent, these patterns are a calmer approach to the sumptuousness of the baroque period.

Legwear is adorned with theatrical flourishes including floral garlands, feathers and paisleys in rich jewel tones.

Decorative garments will be combined with subtle plains, while plain apparel in luxurious materials allows combinations with more decorative legwear.

Shaded View

Sensuality meets techno-inspired with synthetic, sheen, sprayed, graded and metallic effects.

Unexpected digital twists add flair to plain colours and textures.

Subtle marl effects, gradient colour aspects, shiny finishing and yarn effects address the raised interest in the artificial and futuristic.

Colours will range from frozen lilac to teal, black and steel grey.

Rock Chic

Geology inspires creativity in organic patterns, irregular textures and mineral sheen.

Natural shades of grey and beige will play to the calm overtone with misty marls, shadow lines and soft blurs creating atmospheric effects.

Subtle patterns or textures and surface effects will also be key in the 2013/14 season

Cut & Paste

Laser-cut artsy patterns create revolutionary openwork and endless options for powerful colour-layering: black, vivid yellow, electric blue, icy pink.

From rhythmic slashes to bold floral cut-outs, these are the garments that encourage the consumer to play and experiment.

Clean Start

Upbeat graphics and pure freshness are combined with sporty colour blocking in knee-high socks.

The inside-leg stripe seen in Prada collections is set to become an iconic fashion feature and, according to INVISTA, this style is an easy way to wear the look.

Legwear trends show iconic patterns re-interpreted to become fresh and novel with artful reinterpretation of classic patterns.

The colour palette will be a mix of soft and dark tones of coral, dove grey, lavender and deep purple.

Cyber Sport

This look combines dynamic design in red, white and black with smart performance for comfort and a feeling of control.

The sturdy graphics and geometrics are inspired by pixels, digits and QR codes.

INVISTA’s new 2013/14 legwear trends collection utilises a number of the company’s fibres and technologies including: LYCRA® FUSION™ fibre, LYCRA® 3D hosiery, LYCRA® BEAUTY hosiery, LYCRA® ENERGY socks, LYCRA® SOFT COMFORT fibre, and LYCRA® SPORT socks.



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