INVISTA presents 2017/18 global legwear trends

After unveiling its predictions for lingerie and swimwear trends last month, INVISTA, one of the world’s largest integrated producers of fibres and polymers and owner of the Lycra brand, presents its 2017-2018 global legwear trends and fashion directions.

INVISTA and trend forecasting agency Stijlinstituut Amsterdam have predicted the must-have legwear trends for 2017/18, which are brought to life through an inspirational Lycra capsule collection featuring cutting-edge trends and technologies.

Focusing on the importance of dynamic looks and versatility, legwear is in the slipstream of ‘athleisure’, where all-round 24/7 comfort and performance features are pushed to new limits, the company said.

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Driven by the consumer trend towards healthier lifestyles and revitalised by sportswear innovations, features such as compression in fashion garments now offer all-day comfort and support.

Super summer sheer garments have also created new user opportunities for hosiery. They act like a flawless-finish foundation for legs – lightweight, durable, ultra sheer and comfortable enough to wear during warmer months.

INVISTA Fashion Directions has become a recognised source of inspiration, underpinned by technical innovation, creating value for brands and retailers and supporting INVISTA partner mills with valuable trend insights, innovation and new business opportunities.

The seven hosiery and sock trends are:


This trend is all about innovation and experimenting with pattern making, with the aim of creating designs that look like they move. Colours are bold and bright and compression is key. Supportive legwear can be made using Leg Care technology by Lycra and Lycra Energize powered by Fusion technology, which also prevents laddering. The contoured leg is accentuated thanks to shaping technology by Lycra fibre.



INVISTA predicts the fusion of the real and digital worlds for future hosiery designs. Inspired by virtual reality games, garments will play with various patterns to create illusions, such as tattoo and lace effects on sheer tights. All hues are muted and slightly surreal, used in an endless palette of gradient monochromes.



Easy to put on, easy to wear, easy to care for, this garment is an ode to longevity and durability – two functions in one pair of tights. Lycra Energize powered by Fusion technology means there are no runs, and by layering the garment the support function is improved and the silhouette is smoothed. Compression in the garment gives improved comfort, preventing fatigue thanks to Leg Care technology by Lycra.



This trend is all about retreating. Some find this by meditating in calm spaces or by going basecamp mountaineering, others head to modern-day beauty parlours, where they are pampered and cared for. The colour palette reflects this feeling of relaxation and is inspired by 1950s shades of make up: soft mint, baby blue and blush pink.



It’s back to the future as a new generation of artisans use their technical expertise and knowledge of materials to blend cultures and traditions and distil experimental design. In creating these legwear samples, lively crafted looks based on historical knitting patterns, guipure, broderie Anglaise and multi-coloured tweeds are updated by using contemporary techniques and fibres. INVISTA recommends the use of Xceptionelle technology by Lycra to smooth and caress the skin and FREEF!T technology to create a comfortable waistband.



Classic and corporate looks are combined with innovative twists that add interest and fun without compromising on smartness. 3D design aesthetics are mixed with high performance thanks to Lycra Energize, designed to keep the feet comfortable and cool during the day due to the moisture managing qualities offered by Coolmax fibre. BLACK technology by Lycra fibre ensures black socks stay black.



This trend is inspired by mankind’s concerns and admirations for nature. A new take on camouflage combines with Soft Comfort technology by Lycra fibre for hyper comfort and the use of Active technology by Lycra for premium foot-hugging stretch and recovery. Thermolite technology can be used to help keep the feet warm while Lycra Energize provides compression where needed.







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