INVISTA to present next generation of Lycra Sport technology

INVISTA, one of the world’s largest integrated producers of polymers and fibres, will present the next generation of Lycra Sport technology to designers and manufacturers in Munich next month.

The company is working with key mill partners, including Liebaert and Penn Textile Solutions, to host a series of educational workshops offering insights into the power, comfort and energy indices of Lycra Sport technology.

It will demonstrate simplified indexes that rate fabric power, comfort and energy on a scale of 1-10. These indexes, listed below, are combined to create performance levels tailored to fit the garment’s end use and satisfy the consumer’s need for targeted support.

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  • The Power Index measures the compression delivered by the garment’s fabric. The higher the power index, the greater the shaping or compression effect.
  • The Comfort Index relates to the insight that consumers often complain about being uncomfortable in compression or shaping garments. The higher the comfort index, the more comfort the wearer experiences.
  • The new Energy Index rates the energy exerted by the body due to fabric construction. The lower the energy index, the lower the effort needed to move the fabric, making it ideal for competitive sports activities. This advanced fabric property is set to be a new point of differentiation for performance fabrics.

INVISTA’s workshops will run from November 8-9 during The Performance Days fabric fair at MTC world of fashion.

The company will also provide two YOGA sessions facilitated by yoga teacher, Mesimarja Paatero, on both fair days.



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