Invista polls show what Brits want on the beach

Invista, the parent company of Lycra and the Xtra Life fibre line, has conducted a series of surveys to discover everything summer holidaymakers think about swimwear, heading to the beach, and looking good in the sun.

One poll of over 2,000 Brits revealed socks and sandals, skimpy trunks, thong bikini bottoms and baggy, see-through swimsuits as the top summer fashion mistakes. Women also named towering heels and excessive mascara as offenders, while 44 percent of men deemed beer bellies as the biggest no-no. The survey also revealed less than 20 percent of people purchase a new swimsuit before going on vacation.

Another survey showed 34 percent of Londoners are willing to diet in order to look great on the beach, while nearly 50 percent of female respondents said a well-fitting, supportive swimsuit is key to feeling their best. In a press release, Michelle Duncan, marketing account manager for Invista, stated: “with almost half of women telling us a well-fitted swimsuit that provides support for their shape is what makes them feel good, choosing the right fabric is essential. Xtra Life Lycra fibre in swimwear stays strong in the face of chlorine, sunscreen and perspiration which counters the curse of ‘bag and sag’, and ensures unstoppable confidence all summer.”

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Having a swimwear bottom or top fall off in the water, or get knocked off by a big wave, were also named as some of top embarrassing summer mishaps. Kelly Brook and David Beckham were revealed as having the most sought-after beach bodies, leaving participants with lofty goals to strive for in the gym.

However, Invista says the right swimwear can help anyone achieve a better beach body, with Duncan adding that “many people are unaware of the importance of good swimwear in trying to emulate your favourite celeb bod. Choosing a great fitting suit that flatters your figure is a perfect start.”



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