INVISTA LYCRA fibres accelerate Speedo swimmers

Speedo’s super-quick Fastskin swimsuits have been made possible by an innovative fabric from the swimwear giant using LYCRA® fibre from INVISTA.

The swimsuits use Speedo’s Hydro-K Zone 3D fabric, which helps to create graduated compression across different body zones; a technique that is credited with delivering a measurable improvement in swimming performance.

For female swimmers, Speedo has also developed an innovative arm hole entry system which makes the garment easier to get on and off while still providing maximum fabric coverage over the body, which optimises hydrodynamic performance.

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The high LYCRA fibre content helps to create the extreme stretch and recovery required for the athlete to physically fit into the suit through the armhole.

Speedo’s complete Fastskin Racing System, which includes a cap and goggle as well as the Fastskin suit, have delivered a reported 11% improvement in oxygen economy, a 5.2% reduction in active drag, up to 16.6% reduction in passive drag, and a 3% improvement in starts, according to the company.




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