INVISTA launches LYCRA Style fibre

Invista has announced the launch of its LYCRA Style fibre brand for the ready-to-wear market.

The LYCRA Style fibre, which has been designed to ‘meet consumers’ need for personalised style without compromising comfort or fit,’ is kicking of its global launch in late March.

INVISTA global marketing director for outerwear Libby Neuner said: “INVISTA’s new ready-to-wear brand, LYCRA Style fibre, is extremely important to the growth of our overall INVISTA apparel business.

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“The sheer size of the ready-to-wear business and the opportunity to further penetrate the market makes this a critical area of focus for INVISTA.”

The new brand is targeted to reach a new, younger customer and will redefine the role LYCRA Style fibre will play in providing individual style – ‘without compromise’.

To better understand how to emotionally engage this new target consumer, INVISTA went beyond traditional market studies and worked with Innerscope Research, a leader in the biometric market research field.

The goal was to uncover deeper consumer insights that would not be limited by conscious responses.

Neuner added: “Working closely with Innerscope Research’s biometric monitoring system, we were able to tap into consumers’ emotional subconscious and understand what messages are relevant and will lead to emotional engagement.

“Incorporating these messages into our LYCRA Style fibre brand communications strategy will enable us to break through the clutter and resonate with our target audience.”

In the Innerscope research study, women were exposed to the LYCRA Style fibre brand, logo, hangtag, concept statement and imagery. A biometric monitoring system measured their physical reactions to the stimuli.

Changes in the women’s heart rates, respiration, perspiration, visual attention and cognitive processing were analyzed in relation to each stimulus. The data provided a comparison of the women’s emotional feelings versus their conscious responses for each marketing element.

According to INVISTA, the test helped identify and optimise the key elements of the LYCRA Style fibre brand launch and ‘confirmed that the brand is ideally positioned to connect with target consumers and drive them to respond.’



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