INVISTA introduces Living Lights Technology

Invista has introduced a new Lycra Fibre technology designed to upgrade the quality of colours in hosiery garments while also reducing shine.

Launched at the third bi-annual Lycra Fiber Moves conference in Verona, Living Lights Technology has been engineered with a carefully-calibrated level of delustrant, a substance that decreases the lustre (sheen) of synthetic fibres, to deliver deeper, richer colours.

Speaking to delegates, Invista senior technical and market development scientist Rob Dewhurst explained that when an elastane, spandex or other yarn is made with Living Lights, the amount of colour reaching the human eye is optimised.

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He said that during the development of the technology, controlled dye exhaustion, dye bath additives and the correct fibre selection contributed to tonal differences that aren’t over saturated and “uniformity of colour yields.

Commercial samples 16LL and 17LL are now available to the market.




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