INVISTA debuts new fabric in Paris

INVISTA, one of the world’s largest integrated producers of polymers and fibres, primarily for spandex, polyester and nylon applications, will debut an extension of its Lycra Beauty fabric, at the Parisian trade show Mode City.

The company has already had considerable success developing synthetic-based fabrics in lingerie and delicate lace, as well as fabrics with natural/cellulosic fibres. These developments respond to consumer demand for comfortable fabrics providing both shaping and visual appeal.

Now, INVISTA is working with international brands and garment manufacturers to showcase the expansion of the Lycra Beauty fabric certification programme, “The Science of Shaping.” Visitors to the company’s stand at Mode City will be the to see the resultant capsule collection, as well as fabrics from mills worldwide pushing the boundaries of Lycra Beauty fabrics even further.

Additionally, INVISTA will also showcase their Lycra fibre with W technology at Mode City, which offers whiteness retention, improved uniformity and richer colouration, in addition to wash-fastness.

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