INVISTA boosts customer satisfaction in shapewear

A massive 93% of women would like their lingerie to give a little help with shaping and contouring, according to a world-wide consumer survey conducted by INVISTA. Over one third of women said that they would consider wearing shapewear every day.

INVISTA commissioned the survey of women in USA, France, UK, Germany, Italy and Spain this year, as part of its ongoing development of innovative LYCRA® fabrics for the intimate apparel industry.

Similar research in 2009 found a considerable gap between what women want from their lingerie and hosiery, and what they feel it delivers. For example, 88% of women said that they wanted underwear to enhance their shape, but only 63% said that they were satisfied with that this requirement was being met.

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The gap between consumers’ desires and their satisfaction has driven INVISTA to create solutions that the company claims brings a new level of performance to match consumers’ expectations.

LYCRA® beauty hosiery and LYCRA® beauty seamless garment combine shaping effect and comfort to a level previously unachieved by the intimate apparel industry, the company states.

“Through research, LYCRA® beauty hosiery/seamless has been designed for a new generation of shapewear that addresses consumer needs in a holistic way. [It is] the secret asset to shapewear that delivers more of what consumers want,” INVISTA said in a presentation released this week.




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