Inventor kick starts water-repellent swim label

Retailers around the world could soon be stocking swimwear made with a fabric that repels water.

A Toronto-based entrepreneur has exceeded his goal of raising $10,000 to kick start his brand that designs swim shorts made from hydrophobic material.

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The 19 year-old inventor, Franky Shaw, set up a Kickstarter fund for his Frank Anthony Swimwear range on May 21 and has so far raised $16,1447.

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With the extra funds in place, the label will now coordinate a design team to begin working on a line of swimwear for women.

“Our goal at Frank Anthony is to bring Hydrophobic Nanotechnology to the forefront of usability in swimwear and apparel, we believe that you guys are the reason why we will be able to bring these items into the marketplace,” Shaw said in a blog post yesterday.

Speaking to his backers, he added: “Thank you for believing in the young individuals which make up Frank Anthony swimwear and we look forward to revealing the design for the female collection in the following days.”



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