Intimates Lingerie takes on new luxury brand

Intimates Lingerie has become the UK agent for new luxury lingerie brand Noblesse Oblige, Lingerie Insight has learned.

The company, which also handles the UK sales of DKNY, Le Mystère, Hanro and Maryan Melhorn, will introduce the label to buyers from its Kent and London showrooms this season.

Noblesse Oblige is a high-end soft lingerie line designed by Yes Master creative director Igor Pacemski.

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“This is essentially a really fabulous range of garments for the modern boudoir,” said Pacemski.

“I have really high hopes for this line. It’s all about the detail and there’s been no expense spared.”

The lingerie line features Sophie Hallette laces, bespoke elastics, knitted fabrics sourced from Willy Herman in Austria and hardware shipped from the same factory that manufactures Christian Dior.

“The idea is to turn this into a very easy holiday gift, and somehow it also works well with that whole notion of packing for a holiday. So it’s literally that little something that you can take on holiday with you and still look fabulous, without actually having to pack a lot of underwear that takes up a lot of space,” added Pacemski.



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