INTERVIEW: UKLA’s Georgia Horsley

Georgia Horsley has been chosen as the face of the 2013 UK Lingerie Awards, in association with Fashion forms. She talks to Sarah Blackman about what it felt like to be selected, the brands she’ll be rooting for at the event, and the favourite underwear labels of her fiancé, aka Danny Jones from McFly.

Lingerie Insight: What have you been up to since you won Miss England in 2007?
Georgia Horsley: Basically just modelling non-stop! It really kicked off my career. I didn’t think that’s what I was going to be doing ten years ago. My plan was to become a make-up artist and be behind the scenes, but since winning Miss England, I’ve gained the confidence to go forward with my modelling career and luckily it worked out quite well for me.

LI: How do you feel about being the face of the 2013 UK Lingerie Awards?
GH: I’m overwhelmed by it actually. I’m so pleased that I was thought about and asked to do it. Throughout my modelling career I’ve been to so many swimwear and lingerie shows, so it just seems like such a nice thing for me to be a part of when I’ve been within that industry for so long. I’m just honoured.

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LI: Why does the lingerie industry appeal to you?
GH: I think it’s such a base to everything you wear and no matter what outfit you have on, when you’ve got a beautiful set of lingerie on underneath your clothes, it just makes you feel special, even if you haven’t got anyone to show it too. Being well presented underneath your clothes is just a nice feeling. It’s such a part of your outfit; it totally moulds your figure. You see so many people wearing poorly-fitting bras and it’s clear to see that they are, so it’s an important part of your wardrobe, I’d say.

LI: Do you prefer modelling lingerie and swimwear to womenswear?
GH: Yes, I think there is something quite empowering about it. There used to be quite a lot of bad press that went with lingerie modelling – I’ve had numerous debates with feminists about bearing my flesh! But I think as long as it’s done in a tasteful way, it’s a great thing to do. It does empower me – I’ve never felt embarrassed modelling lingerie and swimwear.

LI: What are your favourite lingerie and swimwear brands?
GH: One of the lingerie brands, which stands out for me is Marlies Dekkers. I’ve done showroom work and things for them and I just their stuff; it’s very unusual and very well-fitted. Swimwear-wise, I’ve done a lot of work for Aguaclara and they have such gorgeous swimwear. I model for Elite Apparel, which looks after Aguaclara and they have some great brands. Danny, my fiancé, actually wears underwear from Waxx, which is one of their labels.

LI: Which brands will you be rooting for at the 2013 UK Lingerie Awards?
GH: I’ll definitely be rooting for Aguaclara. I think they are going to be giving me some pieces for my honeymoon as well, which will be nice!

LI: When are you jetting off then?
GH: We haven’t organised it yet, but I’ve already planned my swimwear!

LI: Will Danny be making an appearance at the Awards?
GH: It depends on whether McBusted have gone off on their travels. McFly are also releasing their single this month. It’s non-stop at the moment, but it’s definitely in his diary!




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