INTERVIEW: Plain English founder Lorraine Hampson

Officially launched in January 2011, Plain English was founded by advertising executive, Lorraine Hampson and senior creative team, Paul Brookes and Nigel Thomas.

Lorraine Hampson talks to Lingerie Insight about the company’s work for its first major client, lingerie giant Panache.

What were you responsible for doing with Panache?

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“We handled all the new photograph and brochure work for AW11.”

What did you attempt to do that was different than was done in previous seasons?

“It’s really about creating more distinct brand personalities for each of their ranges. Before, I think, there was less of a distinct personality to each separate brand.

“Cleo, for example, is more of a young fashion conscious range, whereas Masquerade is more about luxury.”

What is the history of the company?

“We literally founded the company in the middle of last year. Panache was our first big account. We were always confident we would land a lingerie account, but we had no idea how big it would be.

“We would like to look at other clients in the fashion apparel sector.”

What are biggest challenges in working with a company such as Panache?

“One of the challenges, which I am sure is a challenge for most D+ brands out there, is finding models every season to keep the look fresh. It would be nice to find more plus size models out there. It’s always a challenge to find models out there who will fit the brand.”

Will you be working with Panache on its next collection?

“We are already working on concepts for the next season, which will include swimwear.”



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