Interfilière reveals lingerie trends forecast for SS19

Ahead of January’s trade show, Interfilière and design consultancy group Concepts Paris have released their trends forecast for SS19. The five trends take inspiration from nature, sportswear and retro styling, with a focus on lightness, natural materials, comfort and bold prints.

Delicious Pleasures

Technology has helped reignite our love for the eternal beauty of lingerie by allowing designers to develop lightweight, yet supportive garments that can be worn every day. SS19 styles will feature super-fine weaves and knits with improved stretch modulus, adding casual comfort and shaping properties to delicate designs. The concept of transparent layering is not only important in outerwear, but adds a new dimension to garment design focused on the evolution of the new lighter bra.

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Delicious web

Organic Pleasures

Our ongoing fascination with nature will persist this season, with designers drawing inspiration from organic matter, including fossils, dried leafs, rope and shells – a reflection of our growing awareness of dwindling resources. There is a strong focus on surface texture, such as corded effects, which make a return this season, and Textronics in the lace industry.

organic web

Flamboyant Pleasures

This theme combines hyper and real perceptions of nature with surrealism – a cocktail of influences that get really exciting when 3D effects, sporty elements and multicultural references are added to the mix. The art of blending, whether in creating new digital prints or in merchandising, is the new skill to master.


Mosaic Pleasures

The sixties and seventies inspire geometrics, floral prints and colour schemes across this theme. Designers will focus on optical effects using bright colours, instead of safe monochromes, and will incorporate textured details like jacquards and embossing, together with whimsical trimmings.

Mosaïc web

Classy Pleasures

Style, comfort and durability is the focus across this theme. Designers will create garments for an ageless, gender fluid community that can be worn during exercise, on the plane or lounging at home. Think everyday basics for people on the move. New yarn and finish technologies will help manufactures keep the wearer dry and comfortable.






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