Interfiliere presents the SS14 trends

As it celebrates its 50th anniversary, EURVOET show Interfiliere introduces its SS14 Evolution trends book for the SS14 season, with a focus on women’s independence

This January sees Interfiliere and Eurovet celebrate their ‘Golden Wedding Anniversary’. It is a half century since Eurovet and the lingerie world started their alliance, making the upcoming show an ideal occasion to look back over an ‘exciting period’ of women’s liberation. During all these years, Eurovet states that the lingerie business has faithfully supported women in opening the way to more independence, more individuality and more liberty. Its latest guide seeks to put all this in perspective and to honour women’s gentle revolution.

What stands out on the horizon of 2014? The craving to push back demarcation lines will continue to grow. Now seen more and more as a true parallel wardrobe, bodywear hops between interior and exterior, week and weekend, work and relaxation, day and night, city and vacation… Discover a spirit of well being and comfort, filled with motifs and colours borrowed from the arts, from traditions and different cultures.

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Flower Rush

Flowers are in full bloom and in great variety. SS14 sees a complete re-hash of how to work and how to apply flowers, especially influenced by a whole new breed of young English designers who ‘dare to break-away’ from the prettiness of the traditional cottage flowers.

There is a very strong influence from the recent exhibition Impossible Conversations at the Metropolitan Museum, New York … a virtual dialogue between Muiccia Prada and Schiaparelli, which injects unusualness into the mainstream and introduces eccentricity of colour and proportions.


The Moonstruck theme lies halfway between enchantment and futurism, mystery and poetry … the extreme lightness, the ephemeral universe of the virtuoso Alexander McQueen.

It is inspired also by the graceful return to the screen of Snow White and by Ophelia, icon of the Pre-Raphaelites. Be inspired by the stars of history, as costume dressing of historical heroes inspires new shapes and volumes influenced by nature.

Earth Manifest

For SS14, we reach for civilization’s inheritance: handcrafts, tribal accents, ethnic echoes, the charm of rough unspoiled nature.

Following the lead of creators – Isabel Marant in particular – lingerie and beachwear re-learns how to adapt to the new easy way of living and mixing in a global spirit. A profusion of origins expresses nowness.

Taking Part

Between free time and information overload, sport and web frenzy, reality and virtuality … today’s urban spirit is young – and loves bright graphics.

The leisure wardrobe is an expression of a social community without age and freed of geographical boundaries. Focus on the expressions and icons of vitality and dynamism. Be inspired by casual fun – for her and for him – free of constraints, to be worn at home, in the street… or on the beach.

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