Interfiliere announces cosmetic textile focus

Interfiliere Paris has announced a cosmetic textiles focus for the July trade show, this year.

First initiated by exhibitors around years ago, cosmetic textiles made a discrete entrance at Interfilière Paris through microencapsulation technology.

They have since been developed and enhanced, and are finally taking their place in the limelight, thanks to the influence of shapewear and the slimming market.

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Various different product types overlap in this market, which has a relatively broad scope, such as cosmetic textiles, technical fibres, innovative textile structures (shapewear, micromassage, etc.).

Interfilière Paris, in collaboration with the Fédération de la maille et de la lingerie, has chosen to take stock of this high-potential sector. Questions experts will be answering include: what is the current state of technological progress? Which techniques are best suited to each product type? What is the scale of the cosmetic textile market and what are its future perspectives?

Included in the focus:

International symposium

Organised by the Fédération de la maille et de la lingerie, this will take place on Saturday 7th July at 4.30pm and 5.30pm in Pavilion 1.

Topics on the agenda include identifying ‘cosmetic textiles’, semantic analysis, products available on the market and their performance, consumer expectations and requirements, etc.

A number of Interfilière Paris exhibitors (Eurojersey, Nurel and Dogi), leading companies in their sector, as well as brands present at Mode City (Skin up, etc.) will offer the benefit of their experience.

Interactive information centre and think-tank

Specialists involved in the symposium (microencapsulation manufacturers, experts on legislative issues and certification, etc.) will be available to meet visitors here throughout the 3-day show.

‘Cosmetic textiles’ tour

Designed to help visitors gain an overview of the exhibitors involved in this sector, whether they are presenting fabrics at Interfilière Paris or finished products at Mode City.





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