Intel chip powers 'shape-changing' sports bra

American clothing studio Chromat has invented a ‘smart’ sports bra powered by a computer chip from technology giant Intel.

The Aeros sports bra changes shape based on the wearer’s body temperature, adrenaline or stress levels. It also opens vents to cool things off in response to changes in perspiration or respiration.

The bra is powered by the Intel CurieTM Module, a tiny hardware product that provides designers with the ability to add functions and capabilities to a wide range of wearable products. The technology is also being used in a dress that Chromat has designed.

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Intel’s innovation team has worked closely with Chromat to develop the prototype, which forms part of the brand’s Spring/Summer 2016 ‘Momentum’ collection.

“With the Intel Curie Module, the garments can change shape and adapt to the wearer’s environment,” explained Ayse Ildeniz, VP and general manager for business development and strategy at Intel’s New Devices Group. “By using sensors and an innovative shape memory alloy, the responsive garments reflect a concept known as biomimicry, where nature is used to solve complex human problems.”

With the integration of the Intel Curie module, the sports bra can open or close vents when it senses heat and sweat in order to cool or warm the body.

The sports bra is made of Lycra, mesh, neoprene, 3D printed frames with vents actuated by shape memory alloy.

Ildeniz said the garment illustrates the potential of future integrations of fashion and technology by bringing innovative concepts and aspirations to life.

“As we continue our exploration with wearable tech and incorporating technology into clothing, we look forward to empowering and inspiring the fashion industry by elevating the utility of clothing and accessories with intelligent capabilities,” she added.



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