INSIDE STORY: How I created Maison Close

Nicolas Busnel, founder and owner of Maison Close, opens up about building a high-end lingerie brand, the industry, and the competition.

“Maison Close was born from the desire to offer something new and different in the niche market of erotic lingerie, which, back then, was often either very pricey, or bottom range. We created a brand that offers women high-end seductive apparel while remaining at a reasonable price.”

As more and more brands introduce erotic items in their collections, thoroughly exploiting the 50 Shades of Grey effect, Maison Close built a strong brand identity through signature pieces: Full catsuits, open breast bras and naked panties are among the brand best sellers and regularly appear in its collections.

“Maison Close’s customers are looking to find something unique, midway between lingerie and ready-to-wear, which has become somewhat of our specialty. And although we produce new collections every year, we can keep a collection running for several seasons if it continues to sell well. That is the case with one of our best selling lines, Villa Satine, on demand since 2009!”

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Making the financial sustainability of its clients a core priority, Maison Close produces six to eight collection a year with a permanent flow and works with stock, thus always being able to deliver when clients need refurnishing.

“This method prevents from overstocking in stores, which in fine prevents sales: our priority is for our clients to always get the highest profit margin possible.”




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