Hunkemöller moves to improve inventory and allocation process across its 800 stores

Hunkemöller is implementing new technology from Logility Voyager Solutions to support its growing omni-channel operations across the globe.

The 800-store outfit is aiming to improve full price sell-through, increase net margin performance, and automate its allocation and replenishment process after deploying the software across its business.

As Hunkemöller’s business continues to expand, its systems and processes are being replaced and improved to better support the growing demands of today’s consumers.

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With company-owned retail, e-commerce, as well as franchise and concession store operations, Hunkemöller required an allocation and replenishment solution that would support the company’s goals of delivering a unified customer-centric strategy across every channel.

Hunkemöller has selected Logility to help optimise the performance of its inventory, improve automation of the allocation and replenishment processes, and enable the Hunkemöller team to spend more time on value-adding analysis and decision making activities.

“As a ladies fashion retailer, it is important we stay ahead of the latest trends and ensure our customers are able to purchase the products they want when and where they want them,” explained Nick Bailey, global merchandising, planning and distribution director at Hunkemöller.

“The Logility Voyager Solutions suite will provide superior functionality that will allow Hunkemöller to automate the allocation and replenishment process. In addition, the integrated size and pack capabilities will deliver the ability to allocate based on store need with an accurate combination of pre-pack and bulk stock. The advanced capabilities of Voyager Solutions will also provide the visibility and flexibility we need to serve our customers more efficiently.”

Logility’s built-in Advanced Analytics will deliver enhanced visibility and granularity into Hunkemöller’s retail operations. This will give it the flexibility to adjust stock levels per store at the product and attribute level.

Hunkemöller will be able to replenish and reserve inventory each night for every location to help prioritise each store’s requirements and ensure they are able to meet their financial objectives.



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